Welcome to United Kingdom Fellowship. Our vision for Saxmundham and beyond can be summed up through a recurring vision that we have had. It is a vision of a farmhouse


That picture of a farmhouse has become a metaphor for who we are as a church and where we are going.


A traditional farm is a place of community, of gathering for both celebration at harvest time and for work. The farm is a place that exists to sustain and serve a wider community. Our heart is to be at the heart of our community. We want to be a church that is both focused inward on our church community and outward loving the whole community. The farm sees people go out into the harvest field and bring the harvest back in. The farm is a place of building up, nurturing, growing, and seeing the countryside transformed. The farm is a place that is real, raw and mucky. We want to be a church community where we aren’t afraid of the muck and challenges in life, and become a place for people to come into wherever they are at, whatever is going on and just be a place to  be. Our heart is to be a place of rest and peace for the community to come to, to have someone to listen. 


Our vision is to be a house of prayer, and a praying church community for our town, county and the whole country. Over a number of years before launching the church we had a vision about raindrops falling all over the UK and each raindrop was a prayer. A praying people is a significant part of whom we are becoming. Ultimately, the farm survives on the rain that waters the fields. So will it be for us - we will be a praying community.


Our vision is to be outward focused. The farm exists to serve the surrounding community. What grows on the farm goes out into the community to nourish, strengthen and bring life. Our heart is to be a blessing to those in our community, be that fruit built up and grown, and see the love of Christ in action. In our rural corner of the UK, it is apt that the Lord has called us to be like a farm. Come and join us on the journey, growing in God, being part of the community and serving our region. 


We can’t wait to meet you!