We love our county. We have prayed over Suffolk for many years alongside many wonderful believers and churches. 


In 1996, Jim Marshall, a wonderful Suffolk gentleman shared a prophecy (paraphrased below) about our great county where there are many areas of outstanding natural beauty, where coast meets countryside, where a new move of God is needed and, many local Christians believe, expected.


The town of Saxmundham, seventy years ago, was a bustling market town. Everyone from the surrounding villages would meet here, share stories, sell their animals and produce. It’s quieter now, but God is still the same.


Many in this region have ploughed the land in prayer and walked the ancient paths. The seed has been hidden underneath cold soil, but the Lord proclaims a sprouting. For you have sown in tears, says the Lord, and you will yet reap in joy. Hallelujah!


The Spirit of the Lord wants to speak to Suffolk. He wants to bring a new spirit of co-operation, a new spirit of unity of his people, a joining of hearts and hands.


As we walk in our communities, God says it is time to begin to reap, it is time for the weeping to cease and the reaping to begin.


There has been a great sleepiness on many of our churches, but God says ‘awake’ for I will release my anointing among you. There will be a new sense of dependence – one upon the other – and you shall join hearts and hands in these days.


There is a new move of my Spirit in Suffolk says the Lord. There will be breakthrough where up to now there has been no breakthrough.

United Kingdom Fellowship, as you will see from our vision, hopes to be an active agent alongside other churches in seeing the Gospel advance in Suffolk. We are blessed with a great history of men and women bringing the Gospel to the people of Suffolk. Now is our time, and we are ready to play our part in what God is doing in these days. Come and join the adventure, click here to contact us.