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Paul and Mandy Weekes started this new church, United Kingdom Fellowship, in November 2017.


They believe they were called by God back in 2012 to plant the church but they didn’t actually open it for five years - better late than never! They were reluctant for some time but Mandy always trusted that it would happen, that God would bring the people as He had promised and that they would get confirmation that it was the right thing to do.


They have been involved with Praise and Worship at Yoxford on the first Saturday evening of each month for many years and met two ladies there who invited them to a party to celebrate the first year of their fellowship in Great Yarmouth.


During the journey Mandy asked Paul what it would take for him to open up a church and he explained that he would have to hear loud and clear from God, which is exactly what happened during that event when the speaker, a complete stranger to them, spoke directly to Paul, in a loud voice, saying ‘if you open a church, God will bring the people’. Paul and Mandy were sure that this was confirmation, but they still needed to know where and when the church should open.


Sometime later, Paul and Mandy were invited to a service in Ipswich where the speaker said that if God is calling you to do something, you should just look to Him and do it, not be influenced by anyone around you. For them, this was further confirmation that they needed to fulfil their calling.

When Paul and Mandy attended one of their leaders’ meetings at Harvest Network in St.Neots, they were promised help and support when they decided to open up a church. 


By now they realised that the church should be in Saxmundham as they felt that was the reason God had called them to live there; now they just needed to know God’s timing. At another leaders’ meeting, this time led by Andrew Wommack, they were certain the Lord was saying to step out and start the church NOW. When they spoke to Andrew afterwards and told him they were going to open a church, his response was ‘about time too’.


With all this confirmation, Paul and Mandy knew the time was right to speak to their Pastor in Great Yarmouth about opening a church and he also replied with ‘about time too’. He had told them the very first time they attended his church some eighteen months earlier, when he didn’t know them at all, that he would pray for them when they opened their own church!


It may have taken them five years to get around to God’s plan for their lives, but it’s a big undertaking and they had to be sure. It hasn’t been without its challenges but they have had prophecies, lots of support and much prayer. God has already brought people in and they are praying and trusting that more people will join us – people like YOU!