The Three Tales of Christmas: Past, Present and Future, is our three-part Christmas series. Inspired by Charles Dickens' a Christmas Carol we will be looking into the often concealed perspectives of Christmas and bringing them alive.

We hope that this Christmas you will be challenged and inspired by the wonderful Christmas story. May it never be mundane, but may its magic rekindle our hearts afresh. 

We are excited and look forward to seeing you! Services start at 10:30 am but do come early for a drink and to meet new folks.

PAST - 3rd December | 10:30 am | at Hong Kong Academy


With all the hustle and bustle, planning meals, and buying gifts it is so easy to not find time to stop and really think about Christmas.

We invite you to take a couple of hours out of the busyness and take a journey with us exploring Christmas Past.


You never know what wonders you will find! 



PRESENT - 10th December | 10:30 am | at The Hive, Sai Kung


Christmas Present looks at both the classic Christmas story narrative on the ground as it is happening and its relevance for us in our present-day lives.

We look forward to seeing you at the Hive!



FUTURE - 17th December | 10:30 am | at Hong Kong Academy


Christmas Future is an adventure on an epic scale. Come with us as we peel the veil back on Christmas itself and we enter a world of wonder, of angels, and heavens. We are exploring the story behind the story, that which was and is and will be. You will have never seen Christmas quite like it before.


We cant wait to see you!